A holiday in Bodrum, Turkey…some tips from Fitgurme


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Summer is coming to end with memories of the holiday! If you are one of those lucky ones who are about to go another holiday or maybe taking the vacation in September (which is actually the best time for Mediterranian or Egean cost), here are some tips for you in Bodrum.

Bodrum is a strange place as it is very big with many bays and alternatives for all budgets. So you can end up in Gümbet and have a horrible holiday (to me!) or a bay like Türkbükü noisy and overcrowded with restaurants and clubs around (still much better than Gümbet though)!

Our favorite bays are Bitez, Aktur, Ortakent and Yalıçiftlik. This year we rented a place in Aktur and again fell in love with this town, against all the degeneration happenning in recent years.

Here is how you can enjoy as we did in Bodrum, without having to fall into touristic traps..

You must enjoy a dinner in one of the restaurants out of the city center, like Aktur Mey, for great view and nice sea food, very quiet and calm..

Aktur Mey

Aktur Mey

Aktur Mey

Aktur Mey

and order a Turkish coffee at the end, served like this!


Enjoy the moon light over the bay as you taste many different meze and fish and raki of course!





If you feel like trying real gourmet taste, then try Orfoz, a very special place with great seafood (not typical Turkish though),


Or go to Gümüşlük Limon Cafe to watch this wonderful sunset…


as you sip your satsuma coctail..


and then you taste these delicious mezes..


You can try one day to have breakfast in one of these restaurants to taste the delicious Turkish figs, jams, local cheese and herbs, salads..and most importantly, I think the best tomatoes on earth! I was privilaged to have this table every morning prepared by mother-in-law!


You can visit one of many markets in Bodrum, not only the famous Yalikavak market but also some small ones like Bitez or Ortakent..


You can find more pictures of markets from one of my previous posts here..

And sometimes just do nothing or try reading a book under these pine trees if cicadas let you with their loud but summer-sound around!


Try some of the best beaches in the region like Aktur, Bitez, Ortakent, Yalıçiftlik or Hebil..

These boys were lucky to play football when everyone else leaves the beach around evening before the dinner time!


And enjoy the sea..


To me it is the best in World as it has the right color-temperature (a bit cool) and surrounding (mountains and pine trees!). Swim a lot as you will be eating and enjoying the delicious Turkish cuisine!


Enjoy a typical Turkish lunch at İnceburun, musakka-cacık-gözleme-vegetables with olive oil- çoban salata-melon !


Try the Köfte (minced meatballs) in Yalıkavak Kavalalı and drink ayran (salty yoğurt drink)…


Try the mussels filled with spicy pilav rice but hopefully find a trusted place like ours in Aktur! Me and my son enjoyed it one afternoon as a biiig snack (the taller boy is trying to advertise the mussel seller with the paper in his hand, not very successful) !!


And eat some ice cream of course, my favorite, Bitez Dondurmacısı, try the satsuma and mastic for some local taste..

Bitez dondurma

Finally not forget to drink some Turkish tea and eat the Turkish bagel, Simit…preferably warmed and filled with cheese and tomatoes!


So, be prepared to gain some weight unless you swim enough to compansate all these calories! I can assure you that it is worth gaining!!


A holiday for sports & adrenalin lovers…


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A holiday in Switzerland is always full of sports, however you wish it to be, in a casual or serious way!

Especially if you travel a place like Interlaken, you can sail, go for hiking, rafting, paragliding, bicyling…or just a walk or paddling on the lake…

A great way to burn the calories that you get from the Swiss specialities like cheese, chocolate and others!


Interlaken is one of the best of this country, I will write definately more about this!

Summer side of Geneva, love you!


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Cenevre gölü

You might already know that Geneva is a small, compact city, half invaded by expats-foreigners like us! It is not a typical Swiss city and can not keep that “proper-clean-tidy Swiss” property due this 50% living in it. For some, it can be boring with not enough outing opportunities.

For family with kids, if you have enough friends, it may not be that bad at all, if you don’t mind living in a small city (compared to where I came from, a city with 16million population!).

However, it becomes such a different place when the summer comes and even more when the Fetes de Geneve starts!

Fitgurme 2013

This half (and sometimes mostly) grey city with clouds turn into a summer town with beaches, sail boats and surfs on the lake… Parks are full with people BBQing, kids playing around…

Fitgurme 2013


Swimming in the lake is never like in the sea but when you are far far away from the salty waters, you can bear with the sweet one!!


The parks in Geneva are always nice but during summer, it becomes like a beach club with quiet, happy, sportish or lazy people! These pictures are from Parc des Bastion.


The lake water does look pretty clean but they say it may be allergic for some sensitive skins due to ducks and swans around! It did not hurt us last year but lets see what will happen this year..


We even saw this big fish (must be around 50cm) right in the middle of sailboats at the city center!


It must be one of the very few cities which has “plage” in the city center!!

IMG_0958 Bain des Paquis is the place for young people and for the ones which very little time to go further in the lake! And you can reach even more places from here.


And after a long long winter and winter-like spring, everybody in the city are sooo happy to have the sunny days back !


And hope that summer prolongs into fall and compansate the days with endless clouds during May and June !


Enjoy these views while you can !



Istanbul my love, how can you be still so beautiful ??


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Istanbul, the city I was born, grew up and had my most valuable times of my life…

Unfortunately, they ruin you, punch & bite you, kick and hit you from your face almost every moment !

But here you are, wearing your best jewelery (sometimes a bit too much but still nice!) and as the sun comes down, changing the color and scene for crazy people like me, not being able to put down the camera all the evening!!


For the last one year, I’ve been living in a very small city, and now the traffic, people, roads and ugly buildings around Istanbul seems much worse to me. But somehow, this city always keeps its treasures in a safe place for us to enjoy from time to time!


Nothing is comparable to have a wonderful dinner with best friends with these views at the background!



This time we were at Deniz Yıldızı Restaurant at Çengelköy, one of the best places to have this lovely scenery. To end this delicious evening with meze and fish, this sugar bomb was served as the compliments of the house!


Well yes, trying to stay “Fitgourmet” is a very tough job after having 5 weeks in Turkey! This year, with some swimming support, I managed to gain 1kg and not more!! This is a success for me and hopefully next year with some more sports maybe I can manage to come back without this excess luggage!!!

Have great holidays with the least excess luggage…

In love with markets!!


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How can you not fall in love with these beauties! Visiting food markets in Turkey and if summer time in Bodrum and Marmaris is such a pleasure for both eyes and later for your appetite!

These flowers are not for your vases but for making stuffed zucchini flowers, with rice and spices..mmm delicious and beautiful! here is my recipe but you must translate to English from Turkish at Büyükkeyif website.


As you go around the market, you can find all colors of nature, beautiful smells of green herbs, delicious fruits…everything you need for a tasty-healthy-happy life!!



Here is another lovely market in Marmaris..


And here is our delicious breakfast table, prepared by my parents and their lovely neighbours right from the market itself and enjoyed just before shopping as they do every Sunday!


So, in summary, each time when summer comes, it is my most favorite thing to visit different markets and then of course turn it into a dish like this…



Oat Cookies from a picnic in the park!


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Yesterday was a lovely day out in Jardin Botanique in Geneva ! We had a very last minute picnic with friends from school with some lovely food from different countries!

Yes there was some naughty ones like potato chips or chocolate muffins but we had so much opportunity to burn the calories that I think it did not effect the healthiness of our picnic table!
I loved Parisa’s Persian Kuku potato-herbs omlette ! Delicious with tomatoes and cucumbers! And goes great with Monika’s Lithunian homemade sour starter rye bread ! I was really lucky yesterday.
Monika also brought delicious and healthy Oat Cookies! Soo yummy and filling that you can only eat that and live like that all day 🙂
Here is her recipe and thanks a lot for sharing with us Monika!
All you need is:
500gr oats
100-150gr softened butter (can replace some of it by olive oil of course)
2 eggs -beaten
100 gr sugar (preferable raw cane and you can replace some with grape molasses if you can find)
100gr wholewheat flour
Baking soda
~50gr cream (or better with yogurt)
Nuts (pine nuts, walnuts, whatever you have at home, in small pieces)
Seeds (susamme, flax seeds, sunflower seeds..)
raisins or other dried fruits
If you want to be naughty a bit chocolate chips…
Just mix them all cook it in 180degrees centigrate oven until light brown color! Afiyet Olsun (Bon appetit!)..
Have a lovely-colorful-warm spring day!

Dubai, the city of contrasts!


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I have so many reasons to say that Dubai is a city of contrasts! You can find lovely beaches just underneath the skyscrapers..


Bright green parks in middle of this once-upon-a-time desert city!


A lovely cafe called The Archive, where you can find Middle East designers and art books and also have workshops on self development! Wish we had a one like that in Geneva (in English of course!)..


The biggest, tallest, wierdest buildings in the world !

IMG_6694 IMG_7130 IMG_7132

yet another place where you totally forget that youare in the middle of desert with over 45 millions of flowers, so many colors and beautiful scents !

IMG_7209 IMG_7226 IMG_7229

Or in the middle of hunderds of malls, one decorated with Eastern Country’s architectural highlights, you can find Starbucks just under the Iranian corner!


Or some “water” show to enhance the feeling that “no no I am not in the middle of desert”!!


A huge (actually two) world class aquarium called Atlantis!


Marinas, beaches and “beach clubs” with high-tech, hip-hop-tip-top music and trendy fashion around!


Huge waterparks and beyond luxury hotels..


and even more of those that we had not enough time to discover! If you are wondering what would you do in Dubai with kids, even the list above is enough for you to spend a week. Plus you can discover Kidzania, Carting and lazer games center for kids and more !

Coming to the gourmand side! One thing is for sure, you can find almost every cuisine from all over the world and you’ll never stay hungry! We enjoyed so much Lebaneese food, my favorite, as well as lots of delicious arab food like falafel, kibbeh, tabbouleh, baba ganush, sambusac, hummus.. altogether they can be heavy but balanced with lots of tabbouleh and fresh salads!

Dubai yemekleri

As with everthing, they have the tradition of presenting food with lots of generousity..Like the herbs..


delicious dates..


and so many different varieties of vegetables..


All of these are of course very much like Turkish cuisine and tastes and as someone living abroad, of course I appreciated that so much on my holiday!

If you think Dubai is only about calories and heavy food, you’ll be suprised like me to see that there is a Organic Supermarket and cafe as well where I spent most of my money!!


I stocked all that I need for my detox plan back at home!! Mostly the chia seeds of course. I also enjoyed the food at the cafe so you can stop by there in between your arab night!!

I am sure there are even more to discover so we should go back to my bro’s place again! Thanks to him and ma belle-siur Yanina, we had such a great experience that not every tourist can have!

So wait please, we’ll come back 🙂

A very gourmet & healthy lunch @Kantin İstanbul


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Just been to Istanbul, my home town and as usual it was uncertain with weather! Spring was just at the door but can not come in totally yet!!

Still, some creative solutions to bring into Bagdat Street (famous shopping district on the Asian side) or simply on your table at Kantin!


Had a perfectly healthy and irrestibly delicious lunch there!




Fresh and delicious tabuleeh with orange, thin crust special fumee salmon pizza, soft and soo tasty vegetable stew, mom-style köfte (meatballs) and last but not least Turkish coffee accompanying delicious semolina dessert with ice cream and water flavored with a small spoon of mastic paste!!


If you can skip the dessert, you can easily continue dieting in this home-style, natural, real gourmet cooking place in Nişantaşı. If not (like us!) then at least you know you have eaten healthy calories!

You can walk around and enjoy this famous shopping district of European side of İstanbul, to burn some of the calories!!