Is it possible to stay fit as you enjoy the gourmet tastes of life? How can we –ourselves and families- stay healthy in this messy world, where every day we learn something else is bad for our health?

I am not fit enough and I am not a “gourmet” (gurme in Turkish) but I try to stay fit while tasting all the gourmet and sometimes not so gourmet but delicious stuff!! So this blog might give you some clues of how to stay fit and also enjoy the food at the same time, as I am in search for this all my life!!

I have started blogging with Ceylandan when I was living in Azerbaijan between 2006-9 and had to give a break to my career (I am afraid you will have to use Google translator for that blog as it is all in English!). Then I returned to my career back in my hometown Istanbul, the centre of delicious food with a chaos guarantee life!! When 2 years ago we moved to Geneva, Switzerland, with another career break, it was time to start a new blog.

This time, with this blog, at this stage of my life (meaning after 40!), I will try to write about my motto for life, my challenge, try to stay fit as I enjoy the pleasures of life (eating & drinking & travelling part only!)

IMG_5966 IMG_5282

You must know that this blog is amateur and personal, so you’d better ask your doctor, friends, husband, boyfriend-girlfriend, whoever you trust, before trying out any of the serious stuff in here, please ! Also, let me know about their answers as I am always curious for more information!

Me, I am almost 41, have 2 boys, with a BMI about 21-22 and always want to lose 2-3kg but can not or even if I do, I gain it back since I can not say no to delicous food!

IMG_9049 IMG_7238 Yoga2 yogic cey a

I am fond of reading nutrition, dieting as much as cookbooks, blogs, traveling and eating & drinking on different places. I love cooking but I am more on the reading part !

So my life oscillates between eating and dieting and I try to enjoy while I diet or be careful while I enjoy the food! Or sometimes just diet for some time, after a bit of over eating!

IMG_8889a IMG_5730

Now that I am living in Geneva, it is easier as I am in the middle of sports culture and a healthier society! During the years I have worked in Istanbul (about 13 years), as a marketing professional in international companies with really demanding atmospheres and about 3 hours of commuting every day, staying fit and healthy was a real challenge!

Now, I am just starting my Health Coach Certificate Program with IIN and am really excited about learning new things and sharing them with you!

Hope you enjoy the blog and leave your comments!

And of course enjoy being fit and gourmet!


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