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I’ve got very very good news!

Finally a chic and authentic boutique opened by in Geneva Old Town, in of my most favorite streets. Elif, our friend and owner of the store, made a very nice and high quality selection of hand crafted, artisanal crafts  from Istanbul.

This stylish boutique, called Héritage Genève, reflects the rich cultural heritage of Turkey, with its array of hand-made cushions, art collectables, home textiles and scarves.  All of the products on display feature original contemporary designs and have been created using traditional fabrication techniques, originating from Turkey.


One of the main part of her range is “Yastik” by Rifat Ozbek, a famous Turkish designer. “Yastik” means cushion in Turkish.

Elif says,”We were blown away by Rifat’s pillows, especially when we discovered just how original they are. Each one of them is hand-made with authentic material such as ikat, suzeni, and velvet, and is scented with a hint of lavender. Lavender is known for having positive effects on the mind, so it is easy to see the benefits of relaxing on a sofa decorated with Yastik cushions, made by Rifat Ozbek!”

My favorites are..

Of course the Yastik! Could not choose one yet, I want all of them to change everyday :))

IMG_3709 IMG_3710

There are more at the back of the store…


You can make combinations with beautiful candles like these..

IMG_3582 IMG_3629aa

Beautiful artisanal items..


IMG_3801 IMG_3812 IMG_3807 IMG_3808

Turkish coffee service cups, very elegant and modern… Of course suitable for serving your espresso in a different style!


And these lamps are so sympa!


On the second floor, there is an art gallery as well and this week there is a new exhibition called TurcArt, of Turkish paintings, sculptures and photographs..



IMG_3984 IMG_3991

So, don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy this beautiful artisanal environment. I am sure, Elif, with a perfect sample of Turkish hospitality will happily host you…As she says rightly, “Hand-crafted in Istanbul, Turkey, all of our goods are designed to be handed down from generation to generation, appreciating in both value and distinction. Our goods have great appeal for customers who are looking for something unique, rich in cultural heritage, which they are not likely to see elsewhere in Geneva!”

Congratulations to her and her husband for presenting this rich culture in such a nice way and wishing them luck on their new journey!

You can find more of their range in their website, here, as well.