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Amsterdam, the center of partying for Europeans, may not be on top of your list, when you go for a holiday in Easter with kids! However, there are so many things to discover with them in this beautiful city, even without partying, beleive me:)

Our list for 4 days, prepared by Cenk and Hande who’s living there for sometime now, was something like this..

1. Discover the canals, with boat tours or just walk around..

IMG_2461 IMG_2528 IMG_2532IMG_2990

2. Discover the neighbourhood of Joordan with small shops, cafesand even organic supermarkets or eat a delicious burger at Thrill grill

IMG_2356 IMG_2655 IMG_2393IMG_2348IMG_2578IMG_3024IMG_2354

3. Visit one of the markets, such as Noordermarkt on a Saturday morning to find-out organic products!

IMG_2485 IMG_2502

IMG_2465a IMG_2475 IMG_2484a IMG_2495a

4. Visit the museums, like the famous Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, Nemo Science Museum, the Anne Frank House or less unknown like the eye-glasses or cheese! Book your tickets on-line before or buy from some Office boxes around the city.. You might en-up waiting 1.5hrs to see Van Gogh!

IMG_2781 IMG_2817  IMG_2901 IMG_3142aIMG_8355

IMG_3156a IMG_3160a IMG_2613IMG_2835

5. Walk around the  Tulip garden, Keukenhof, breathe…

IMG_2128 IMG_2139IMG_2202a


6. Have a fine dining in one of the great restaurants, our friends made a perfect choice, Greetje


Greetje Restaurant


7. See the village with old windmills and houses, in Zaanse Schans and see that not much changed over the years (photo collage of today and a painting from van Gogh)

IMG_8101 IMG_8415

Or just enjoy the sun and easiness near the canals and have a mint tea with apple-pie!


Of course taste the many different delicious cheeses and drink a hot chocolate to balance:)

IMG_2300 IMG_2246

Simply enjoy this picturesque city and its peaceful cafes, canals, streets…Don’t go to shopping areas or busy squares if you want to stay relaxed!!

IMG_2574 IMG_2580 IMG_2721 IMG_2984

And enjoy the fact that some cities stay the same or even get better over the years!

IMG_8303 IMG_8416

Amazed by the 4 level bicycle-park and the number of bikes in the city!!

IMG_2752 IMG_3189a

My boys, age 9 and 6, enjoyed the museums, especially Nemo of course, hamburger eaten at Thrill Grill and the boat tour on the canal, the most! And there are still things we could not have time to do so we will definately go back!