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Coming from Istanbul, you can imagine that I am not that expert on skiing but I am definitely one of the experts for enjoying the ski holidays!!

Anyone who enjoys snow,sun, fresh air, lots of delicious food, especially cheese and wine, wonderful scenery around, would enjoy it! And you don’t have to ski to enjoy these as there are other options like mountain walks, hiking, snow-shoeing, etc that you can do to explore and burn the calories!

The best part of a skiing/mountain holiday is, you can eat almost as much as you want and burn them during the day!

This time we went to Peisey-Vallandry, in the French Alps, in Paradiski area, near Les Arc and La Plaigne. It goes up to 3200m with endless beautiful and different levels of pists.


The pists are surrounded by trees so you can also enjoys the forests for ski or walks or just watch and take pictures!


You can go up to 3200m and enjoy the wonderful view up and ski until you are totally finished (in my case, almost  smoke came out from my legs!!!!)



And yes! As we are burning the calories, we are allowed to enjoy this classic duo!!


Or a huge pasta dish!!


On a snowy and cold day, you can run into one of those beautiful chalets and enjoy Vin Chaud – Hot wine!


And looking at the menu, and decided to try a bruschetta with raclette cheese, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that it is actually another heavy-mountain type dish with potatoes! Yummy!!


If you are in France, you must try the local delicious cheese! But the problem is, French eat their cheese after lunch or dinner and we love it during the morning! So we did eat it along side the dessert (of famous profiterole!) and…


..we decided to stock some (with pictures!!) for breakfast!!


All of them are super! Fresh goat cheese and brie are my favorites but abondance, beaufort, reblochon, tomme de savoie are also soo good! I am a Turkish feta cheese (ezine type) fan but these cheeses ease my appetite deliciously!

Well, going to France means eating lots of crepes with (God bless the creators of) Nutella!!!


There were so many little stations and villages to discover, not enough time of course! This one, Les Arc 1950 was so nice with pists getting into the village and you can literally shop with your skiis!!


Anywhere around these mountains are actually good, especially if there is some sun around and if you did some sports, burned the calories and feel like you need to re-fuel for the next round!


So, all in all, it was a true gourmet holiday with lots of opportunities to stay in shape as well! French or Swiss Alps or Austrian/Italian mountains are all like this and there are many many accommodation options, from really value for money rooms up to Verbier or Courchevel type of super luxury chalets or hotels…


Enjoy winter, while you can!