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Summer is coming to end with memories of the holiday! If you are one of those lucky ones who are about to go another holiday or maybe taking the vacation in September (which is actually the best time for Mediterranian or Egean cost), here are some tips for you in Bodrum.

Bodrum is a strange place as it is very big with many bays and alternatives for all budgets. So you can end up in Gümbet and have a horrible holiday (to me!) or a bay like Türkbükü noisy and overcrowded with restaurants and clubs around (still much better than Gümbet though)!

Our favorite bays are Bitez, Aktur, Ortakent and Yalıçiftlik. This year we rented a place in Aktur and again fell in love with this town, against all the degeneration happenning in recent years.

Here is how you can enjoy as we did in Bodrum, without having to fall into touristic traps..

You must enjoy a dinner in one of the restaurants out of the city center, like Aktur Mey, for great view and nice sea food, very quiet and calm..

Aktur Mey

Aktur Mey

Aktur Mey

Aktur Mey

and order a Turkish coffee at the end, served like this!


Enjoy the moon light over the bay as you taste many different meze and fish and raki of course!





If you feel like trying real gourmet taste, then try Orfoz, a very special place with great seafood (not typical Turkish though),


Or go to Gümüşlük Limon Cafe to watch this wonderful sunset…


as you sip your satsuma coctail..


and then you taste these delicious mezes..


You can try one day to have breakfast in one of these restaurants to taste the delicious Turkish figs, jams, local cheese and herbs, salads..and most importantly, I think the best tomatoes on earth! I was privilaged to have this table every morning prepared by mother-in-law!


You can visit one of many markets in Bodrum, not only the famous Yalikavak market but also some small ones like Bitez or Ortakent..


You can find more pictures of markets from one of my previous posts here..

And sometimes just do nothing or try reading a book under these pine trees if cicadas let you with their loud but summer-sound around!


Try some of the best beaches in the region like Aktur, Bitez, Ortakent, Yalıçiftlik or Hebil..

These boys were lucky to play football when everyone else leaves the beach around evening before the dinner time!


And enjoy the sea..


To me it is the best in World as it has the right color-temperature (a bit cool) and surrounding (mountains and pine trees!). Swim a lot as you will be eating and enjoying the delicious Turkish cuisine!


Enjoy a typical Turkish lunch at İnceburun, musakka-cacık-gözleme-vegetables with olive oil- çoban salata-melon !


Try the Köfte (minced meatballs) in Yalıkavak Kavalalı and drink ayran (salty yoğurt drink)…


Try the mussels filled with spicy pilav rice but hopefully find a trusted place like ours in Aktur! Me and my son enjoyed it one afternoon as a biiig snack (the taller boy is trying to advertise the mussel seller with the paper in his hand, not very successful) !!


And eat some ice cream of course, my favorite, Bitez Dondurmacısı, try the satsuma and mastic for some local taste..

Bitez dondurma

Finally not forget to drink some Turkish tea and eat the Turkish bagel, Simit…preferably warmed and filled with cheese and tomatoes!


So, be prepared to gain some weight unless you swim enough to compansate all these calories! I can assure you that it is worth gaining!!