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Cenevre gölü

You might already know that Geneva is a small, compact city, half invaded by expats-foreigners like us! It is not a typical Swiss city and can not keep that “proper-clean-tidy Swiss” property due this 50% living in it. For some, it can be boring with not enough outing opportunities.

For family with kids, if you have enough friends, it may not be that bad at all, if you don’t mind living in a small city (compared to where I came from, a city with 16million population!).

However, it becomes such a different place when the summer comes and even more when the Fetes de Geneve starts!

Fitgurme 2013

This half (and sometimes mostly) grey city with clouds turn into a summer town with beaches, sail boats and surfs on the lake… Parks are full with people BBQing, kids playing around…

Fitgurme 2013


Swimming in the lake is never like in the sea but when you are far far away from the salty waters, you can bear with the sweet one!!


The parks in Geneva are always nice but during summer, it becomes like a beach club with quiet, happy, sportish or lazy people! These pictures are from Parc des Bastion.


The lake water does look pretty clean but they say it may be allergic for some sensitive skins due to ducks and swans around! It did not hurt us last year but lets see what will happen this year..


We even saw this big fish (must be around 50cm) right in the middle of sailboats at the city center!


It must be one of the very few cities which has “plage” in the city center!!

IMG_0958 Bain des Paquis is the place for young people and for the ones which very little time to go further in the lake! And you can reach even more places from here.


And after a long long winter and winter-like spring, everybody in the city are sooo happy to have the sunny days back !


And hope that summer prolongs into fall and compansate the days with endless clouds during May and June !


Enjoy these views while you can !