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Istanbul, the city I was born, grew up and had my most valuable times of my life…

Unfortunately, they ruin you, punch & bite you, kick and hit you from your face almost every moment !

But here you are, wearing your best jewelery (sometimes a bit too much but still nice!) and as the sun comes down, changing the color and scene for crazy people like me, not being able to put down the camera all the evening!!


For the last one year, I’ve been living in a very small city, and now the traffic, people, roads and ugly buildings around Istanbul seems much worse to me. But somehow, this city always keeps its treasures in a safe place for us to enjoy from time to time!


Nothing is comparable to have a wonderful dinner with best friends with these views at the background!



This time we were at Deniz Yıldızı Restaurant at Çengelköy, one of the best places to have this lovely scenery. To end this delicious evening with meze and fish, this sugar bomb was served as the compliments of the house!


Well yes, trying to stay “Fitgourmet” is a very tough job after having 5 weeks in Turkey! This year, with some swimming support, I managed to gain 1kg and not more!! This is a success for me and hopefully next year with some more sports maybe I can manage to come back without this excess luggage!!!

Have great holidays with the least excess luggage…