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How can you not fall in love with these beauties! Visiting food markets in Turkey and if summer time in Bodrum and Marmaris is such a pleasure for both eyes and later for your appetite!

These flowers are not for your vases but for making stuffed zucchini flowers, with rice and spices..mmm delicious and beautiful! here is my recipe but you must translate to English from Turkish at Büyükkeyif website.


As you go around the market, you can find all colors of nature, beautiful smells of green herbs, delicious fruits…everything you need for a tasty-healthy-happy life!!



Here is another lovely market in Marmaris..


And here is our delicious breakfast table, prepared by my parents and their lovely neighbours right from the market itself and enjoyed just before shopping as they do every Sunday!


So, in summary, each time when summer comes, it is my most favorite thing to visit different markets and then of course turn it into a dish like this…