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Yesterday was a lovely day out in Jardin Botanique in Geneva ! We had a very last minute picnic with friends from school with some lovely food from different countries!

Yes there was some naughty ones like potato chips or chocolate muffins but we had so much opportunity to burn the calories that I think it did not effect the healthiness of our picnic table!
I loved Parisa’s Persian Kuku potato-herbs omlette ! Delicious with tomatoes and cucumbers! And goes great with Monika’s Lithunian homemade sour starter rye bread ! I was really lucky yesterday.
Monika also brought delicious and healthy Oat Cookies! Soo yummy and filling that you can only eat that and live like that all day 🙂
Here is her recipe and thanks a lot for sharing with us Monika!
All you need is:
500gr oats
100-150gr softened butter (can replace some of it by olive oil of course)
2 eggs -beaten
100 gr sugar (preferable raw cane and you can replace some with grape molasses if you can find)
100gr wholewheat flour
Baking soda
~50gr cream (or better with yogurt)
Nuts (pine nuts, walnuts, whatever you have at home, in small pieces)
Seeds (susamme, flax seeds, sunflower seeds..)
raisins or other dried fruits
If you want to be naughty a bit chocolate chips…
Just mix them all cook it in 180degrees centigrate oven until light brown color! Afiyet Olsun (Bon appetit!)..
Have a lovely-colorful-warm spring day!