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I have so many reasons to say that Dubai is a city of contrasts! You can find lovely beaches just underneath the skyscrapers..


Bright green parks in middle of this once-upon-a-time desert city!


A lovely cafe called The Archive, where you can find Middle East designers and art books and also have workshops on self development! Wish we had a one like that in Geneva (in English of course!)..


The biggest, tallest, wierdest buildings in the world !

IMG_6694 IMG_7130 IMG_7132

yet another place where you totally forget that youare in the middle of desert with over 45 millions of flowers, so many colors and beautiful scents !

IMG_7209 IMG_7226 IMG_7229

Or in the middle of hunderds of malls, one decorated with Eastern Country’s architectural highlights, you can find Starbucks just under the Iranian corner!


Or some “water” show to enhance the feeling that “no no I am not in the middle of desert”!!


A huge (actually two) world class aquarium called Atlantis!


Marinas, beaches and “beach clubs” with high-tech, hip-hop-tip-top music and trendy fashion around!


Huge waterparks and beyond luxury hotels..


and even more of those that we had not enough time to discover! If you are wondering what would you do in Dubai with kids, even the list above is enough for you to spend a week. Plus you can discover Kidzania, Carting and lazer games center for kids and more !

Coming to the gourmand side! One thing is for sure, you can find almost every cuisine from all over the world and you’ll never stay hungry! We enjoyed so much Lebaneese food, my favorite, as well as lots of delicious arab food like falafel, kibbeh, tabbouleh, baba ganush, sambusac, hummus.. altogether they can be heavy but balanced with lots of tabbouleh and fresh salads!

Dubai yemekleri

As with everthing, they have the tradition of presenting food with lots of generousity..Like the herbs..


delicious dates..


and so many different varieties of vegetables..


All of these are of course very much like Turkish cuisine and tastes and as someone living abroad, of course I appreciated that so much on my holiday!

If you think Dubai is only about calories and heavy food, you’ll be suprised like me to see that there is a Organic Supermarket and cafe as well where I spent most of my money!!


I stocked all that I need for my detox plan back at home!! Mostly the chia seeds of course. I also enjoyed the food at the cafe so you can stop by there in between your arab night!!

I am sure there are even more to discover so we should go back to my bro’s place again! Thanks to him and ma belle-siur Yanina, we had such a great experience that not every tourist can have!

So wait please, we’ll come back 🙂