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Just been to Istanbul, my home town and as usual it was uncertain with weather! Spring was just at the door but can not come in totally yet!!

Still, some creative solutions to bring into Bagdat Street (famous shopping district on the Asian side) or simply on your table at Kantin!


Had a perfectly healthy and irrestibly delicious lunch there!




Fresh and delicious tabuleeh with orange, thin crust special fumee salmon pizza, soft and soo tasty vegetable stew, mom-style köfte (meatballs) and last but not least Turkish coffee accompanying delicious semolina dessert with ice cream and water flavored with a small spoon of mastic paste!!


If you can skip the dessert, you can easily continue dieting in this home-style, natural, real gourmet cooking place in Nişantaşı. If not (like us!) then at least you know you have eaten healthy calories!

You can walk around and enjoy this famous shopping district of European side of İstanbul, to burn some of the calories!!