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Fit applications

I might be a bit too obessed with technology and my phone but to me it always pays-out!! I know it is not good for my health in one respect but it motivates me so much from another!!

I hope that net net I am better off!!

My most used ones are:

  • WalkJogrun : Great if you are beginner and even advanced to find new routes around your place and  training sessions for every target!
  • Nike applications are already very well known, my favorite is “Nike+ ipod” as it gives the most accurate track and updates you as you run about your milage (correctly!).

IMG_6591 IMG_6592

  • Withings : Keeps a track record of your weight and fat level. A bit scary to look from time to time but very useful of course!!

I don’t have this new model, I see they’ve added new features like BPM and air quality level!! What I love is to be able to track your performance from your iphone!

Well, finally it all depends on your decision to live healthier or not! Or even if you over do sometimes, are you balancing it the next meal or next day with some better decisions? And this is not only to look good, at the age of cancer all around us, actually this is now becoming a “must” for a healthier life!

So take a deep breath and eat your apple (my snack time!), cheers!