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Cenevre maratonu

When you live in Geneva, it is almost impossible not to do any sports! In addition to people running on the streets everyday as a daily routine, there are big organisations in winter and spring time that makes you want to do even better !

This last winter my son attended to Escalade and he run in such a crowd for the first time in his life!


It was  such an exiciting moment for him and for us and the organisation was excellent by all means!


And I promised them that I will sun next year as well butttttt…here is another event in this May as well. I adore people running full or half marathon but for now I will try the 5km “ladies” (meaning ladies who run to stay fit, can not take and even not much interested in marathon stuff??!!) run!!!

Here is a lovely video that shows last year’s event with beautiful scenes from the city..

Looks so nice when I watch it but can I make it?? Why not ? At least that’s nice goal for the next month ! Wish me luck!

For the ones who are new in geneva like me, here is a great site to find out where to run&walk around. It is a super site that shows which routes are closest to where you live. This is how mine looks like!

So enjoy your walks/runs and lets see if I can manage to start running a full 5km in 1 month!! I think I need some advise!

Talking of the advise in this great site I found the programs for begginners and advance runners. This is exactly what I wanted and thought of yesterday while trying to run! I love technology! here is the application and here is the details of the 5K program. Enjoy!!