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Look at this new sports club in Istanbul, called Mooi Sports.

mooi 1

Now this s what I call a sports club!

With the cool, modern and high tech interior design, this is one of the best in world! That’s why I love Istanbul so much, there is always this dinamism, pioneering minds and competition at its best!

Look how the owner Doris (and she is a Swiss in Turkey) explains Mooi: (and yes she is that amazing woman in the picture!)


“WHAT DO WE WANT AT MOOI? The first gym I ever walked into was at our university campus and in all the years I worked out there, I have never spotted a single female person. Still, that gym changed my life for ever. I loved the cold steel …of the machines and the testosterone which was in the air and consequently trained three times a week. When I started making some serious money, I enrolled at a proper fitness club. But except for the group lessons I was not interested in, things were not much different: lots of machines and guys staring at me in surprise, because I would lift the same dumbbells they had just put back to the rack. Other cities, other countries – the clubs remained anonymous places stuffed with treadmills. So when I decided to open my first gym, I wanted it to be different and glamorous! My objectives were pretty clear: 1) People should feel a rush of adrenaline when they step foot in the place. 2) They should love the MOOI ambiance and energy so much that they will want their workout to last forever. 3) They should feel that MOOI is their second family with everyone actually caring about them. 4) We will help them to get the body they were always dreaming about. The first thing that will struck you is that MOOI looks rather like a very chic club in Soho NYC than your neighborhood gym. This is because I want you to have a break from the outside world. The beauty of the club and the way our staff engages with our members is what will turn dedicated couch potatoes into sport addicts. MOOI is the place to pamper yourself, get energized and share the excitement of looking your best by training together with a group of people working towards the same goal. Doris Dagistanli”

mooi 2 mooi 3 mooi 4 mooi5

They have amazing applications in the place which I will explain in detail later! Just enjoy the pictures for now 🙂

Hoping that one day we can have something like that in Geneva or, better if Doris as a Swiss can open-up a Mooi in here!